We get fresh multi color eggs each week from a small local flock. These chickens are free range, organically fed, and lovingly raised. When they no longer lay eggs, they get to live the rest of their days in happy retirement. The flock is made up of a variety of chickens which results in assorted eggs in a variety of shell colors: white, cream, blue, green, light and dark brown.


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LOCAL Farm Fresh Eggs

    • No antibiotics - Conventionally-raised hens living in tiny, disease-prone spaces are usually treated with “preventive” antibiotics. Our free range hens reside in a safe, comfortable environment so that they can live a happy and healthy life.
    • No chemical pesticides - Conventional growers usually treat their crops with toxic chemicals to ward off pests and diseases, which can end up in the eggs their hens lay. Organic growers use only natural, organic deterrents to pests on their crops. So the only thing that’s in your organic, free range egg is a naturally delicious free range taste.
    • No GMOs - The hens’ 100% organic feed contains no pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or GMOs to get into your eggs.

    • Environmentally sustainable - Going organic is better for our environment. Organic farming practices focus on reducing pollution, maintaining healthy soil, and conserving water and other precious resources. These mindful steps help ensure our children, and generations to come, will continue to have safe food and a healthy planet to live on.