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What's in This Week's Basket?

YES, We are still distributing Amazing, Healthy, Fresh, Organic Fruits and Vegetables. See what's coming in this week.

We are starting to see some food shortages due to disruption from the CoronaVirus. Our focus this week is on food staples that offer flexibility in your kitchen, and naturally last several weeks when stored properly. We are assessing the situation from week to week, and will continue to bring you Healthy Food to our pick-up locations around the county, for as long as we are able to during this crisis.

This Week:

In All Baskets

Fresh-picked Local Lettuce (Romaine/Green/Red/ Leaf)

Local Green Kale FL


Russet Potatoes

Local Zucchini FL

Fresh Thyme

Valencia Oranges


Bartlett Pears

Gala Apples

Additional in Large Baskets


Additional in Jumbo Baskets


Altaufo Mangoes

Mangoes Jumbo

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