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What's in This Week's Basket

With all the news this week of farms letting good food rotting in the fields and going to waste because restaurants, schools, hotels, cruise ships etc.are no longer ordering from them, we at Green Door are motivated to do what we can to help.

I have been in touch with several local farms, and local organisations, to see how we can help our local community. In your baskets this week you will see an number of produce items that we are "rescuing" which would otherwise end up being wasted. This puts much needed dollars back into the farmer's pockets who have worked all year tending their crops, only to have their market taken away by the Corona virus pandemic. Giving back will give them much needed seed money for next season.

Sometimes rescued food is not pretty, but is still perfectly edible and nutritious. There may be scarring on the outside, possibly some bruising that we can easily cut away. The reality is we must help our Organic farmers or they will go under, and our clean food supply will be no more. If we don't help, we will be left with pesticide laden big farma as our only choice, and none of us want that!

This Week

Fresh-picked Local Dandelion Greens

Fresh-picked Local Spinach

Red Potatoes - Rescued - possible heavy scarring

Celery Local - maybe some discoloration

Red Beets

Yellow Onions

Eggplant Local - Rescued - In Large baskets

Fresh Ginger Root

Bananas - Just a few available

Fuji Apples

Valencia Oranges - Rescued - maybe a little bruising

Kiwi Fruit - In the Jumbo baskets only

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