What's in This week's Basket?

April 30, 2020

Here at Green Door Organics We LOVE our Mission!  

To Bring You Clean, Healthy, Organic Food and Support our Local Organic Farms, so they can continue to grow Clean Healthy Organic Food for years to come!

This week's Local Organic farm had to throw away and/or donate over 60 cases of lovingly grown organic squash two weeks ago due to covid-19  and restaurants etc not being open.  We are helping prevent food waste by buying this new crop of squash and zucchini directly from them and putting hard earned $$$ back into their pockets for future crops. 


This Week's Ingredients

FLORIDA Green Kale

Boston lettuce (In the Large and Jumbo baskets only)

LOCAL Fresh picked Campari & Gold Cherry Tomatoes  - Rescued

LOCAL Fresh Picked Yellow Squash - Rescued

LOCAL Fresh Picked Zucchini - Rescued

Mix of Orange and Rainbow Carrots (Only a few Rainbow available)

Red Potatoes (Rescued - have some scarring

Broccoli  (In the Jumbo baskets only)


Raspberries - Everyone - YAY :-) 

Bartlett Pears   (may have a few blemishes on the skin)

Yellow Cavendish Bananas






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