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StartFragmentHARVEST SALAD: By Susan Huff

Chop and Lightly steam Cauliflower - Season with lemon and sea salt

Cut Green Beans in Half and steam for 3-5 minutes strain and season with olive oil and red pepper flakes if you like

Shred Zucchini in a spiralizer or with a grater - 1-2

Slice 2 apples thinly and mix with a touch of lemon juice and thyme de- stemmed

Now tear lettuce - spread evenly on plates and top with layers of the veggies above with Apples on Top - Add toasted Walnuts and your favorite dressing or just olive oil a perfect dinner that is easy and fun.

PS: Steam Extra veggies for a salad mixed with a grain for tomorrow!


Meal 1

Cauliflower, Green Bean, and Tomato Gratin