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Celery The Newest Super Food!

  • Unless you've been living under a rock recently, you may have heard about drinking celery juice every day to promote good health.

Eating fresh organic celery has many proven health benefits. Drinking celery juice to cure disease? It depends on who you ask.

However, one thing is true, that the current celery movement has made it difficult to find fresh Certified Organic Celery, and when you can find it, the price is Super High.

I've had a number of requests to special order fresh Organic Celery We're happy to do that when we have enough orders to make a case, (and, assuming we can get it).

  • Last week's celery bulk order was a huge success!

We're working on our next case order. Whether you're eating it fresh or juicing, this is super fresh and will last a while in your fridge.

Order here on our "Other Products" tab

We at Green Door Organics are fortunate to have sources available, but it is on a first come first serve basis so we have to get an order in quick.

Based on last week's numbers:

1 case 24 bunches $165 ($6.87ea)

1/2 case $ 85 ($7.08ea)

1/4 case $ 45 ($7.50ea)

3 bunches $ 23 ($7.66ea)

Order here on our "Other Products" tab

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