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This Week's Healthy Recipes

Meal 1

Grilled Portobello and Peach Sandwich Recipe

YIELD: serves 4

ACTIVE TIME:30 minutes

TOTAL TIME:35 minutes


4 portobello mushrooms

3 tablespoons olive oil

1 large sprig rosemary sprig

1 tablespoon fresh chopped thyme

3 small cloves garlic, minced

Juice of 1/2 lemon

Salt and pepper to taste

2 large avocados, halved and pitted

2 roma tomatoes, seeded and chopped

4 peaches, halved, pitted, and cut into thick slices

4 ciabatta rolls or other burger buns of your choice, preferably toasted or grilled

2 cups baby arugula


Using a wet cloth or paper towel, clean the portobello mushrooms to remove any dirt. Pull half the leaves off the rosemary sprig and roughly chop, leaving the rest of the leaves near the end to use as a grilling brush. In a large bowl, combine the chopped rosemary with the olive oil, thyme, 3/4 of the garlic, and half the lemon juice with a pinch of salt and pepper. Add the mushrooms and toss to coat well.

While the mushroom marinates, mash the avocados in a second bowl and add the remaining garlic, lemon juice, and chopped tomato. Season to taste with salt and pepper.

Prepare a charcoal or gas grill, or heat a ridged grill pan over high heat for a full minute. Lay the mushrooms on the grill and cook until nicely caramelized and starting to release their liquid, but not completely dry, 3-5 minutes per side. On another part of the grill or grill pan, cook the peach slices until caramelized and soft, 4-5 minutes per side.

If desired, briefly toast the rolls or buns on the grill. While the mushrooms and peaches continue to cook, spread the avocado mixture on both sides of the buns or rolls and divide the arugula amongst the four sandwiches. Top with the mushrooms, followed by the peaches. For a neater package, secure the sandwich with large toothpicks. Serve right away while the mushrooms are still hot and juicy.


PREP TIME 10 mins

COOK TIME 20 mins

TOTAL TIME 30 mins

Serves: 6 servings


1 Tablespoon Olive Oil

2 cups of sliced purple potatoes

3 Anjou pears cored and cut into thin wedges

1 Tablespoon Mustard Seeds

¼ cup lemon juice

¼ cup Apple cider vinegar

¼ cup extra virgin olive oil

1 Tablespoon Honey Dijon mustard

1 Tablespoon of coconut aminos

1 Tablespoon of coconut nectar

1 small onion sliced

4 cups of torn Kale

Black sea salt and ground black pepper


Preheat oven to 375 degrees.

In a large skillet heat 1 Tablespoon olive oil over medium-high heat. Add potatoes and pear, cook until edges are browned. Once browned, place in the oven to roast, uncovered, for 12-15 minutes until tender.

Now for the vinaigrette dressing, in a medium bowl whisk together the Mustard seeds, Lemon juice, Apple cider vinegar, ¼ cup of olive oil, Honey Dijon Mustard, Coconut aminos, Coconut nectar.

In a large bowl combine potato mixture, onions, and kale. Pour in vinaigrette: toss to coat.

Season to taste with black salt and pepper.

Serve immediately.


To soften kale, massage for 1-2 minutes with olive oil until kale starts to wilt.

Sweet Cabbage and Kale Salad with Lemon Poppyseed Dressing


2 cups napa cabbage, chopped

1 cups curly kale, chopped

1/4 cup dried cranberries

1/8 cup dried cherries (optional)

1/2 chopped pear (with skin on)

1/2 chopped apple (with skin on)

1/4 cup sliced almonds (optional)

3/4 cup Lemon Poppyseed Dressing

1 Tbsp honey

1/2 squeezed lime


Toss all ingredients together with the exception of dressing, honey, and lime.

Mix together Lemon Poppyseed Dressing, honey, and lime.

Just before serving, pour dressing over salad and toss.

Serve salad chilled.




1/4 cup brown sugar

1/4 cup butter

3 cups sliced pluot (about 5 pluots)

2 tablespoons flavored liqueur (I used Godiva Chocolate Liqueur)

2 tablespoons cognac, brandy or rum (not all of them, just one)


In sauté pan, heat brown sugar over medium heat until melting.

Add butter and pluots (or whatever new mystery fruit you may have discovered), stir occasionally, continue cooking for about 6 minutes.

Remove from heat, add the flavored liqueur, return to heat, cook for another 2 minutes.

Remove from heat add the liquor, return to heat. The pan should flame when slightly tilted.

When flame has extinguished, stir and remove from heat. (You could also reduce liquid down more if you’d like, depending on what you’re using it for.)

There are flambé recipes that call for more alcohol or no flavored liqueur, so go with the flow and use what you have available.

Meal 2

Simple Vegetable Quiche

This simple veggie quiche has a gluten-free crust and filled with fresh veggies, like asparagus and purple potatoes. Can easily be customized to use veggies you already have on hand.

Recipe type: Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Vegetarian

Serves: 8-10 servings


1 single pie crust (gluten-free recipe below. Can also use your favorite single pie crust recipe or deep-dish store-bought crust)

1 tablespoon avocado, coconut, or other cooking oil

1 medium onion, chopped

1 medium potato of choice, peeled and sliced ⅛-inch thick (I used purple, but russet, sweet or fingerling potatoes will also work)

½ bunch asparagus, ends trimmed and chopped into thirds, plus a few whole to decorate the top (about 1–1½ cups. Can also use another veggie of choice, like mushrooms, spinach, peppers, zucchini, squash, etc.)

2 cups baby kale, spinach, or other greens of choice, roughly chopped*

1-2 garlic clove, peeled and minced

7 eggs

½ cup milk** (I used original unsweetened almond milk)

salt and pepper

Gluten-Free Crust:

1¼ cups gluten-free all-purpose flour (I used Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free 1-to-1 Baking Flour)

1 tablespoon cane/coconut sugar or honey

¼ teaspoon salt

6 tablespoons palm shortening or butter (if not dairy-free)

1 large egg

2 teaspoons lemon juice or vinegar

1-2 tablespoons ice cold water, if needed. Only use enough to make dough come together.



Combine flour, sugar, and salt in a large bowl. Add shortening/butter and cut into the flour with a fork or pastry blender until mixture is crumbly and no large chunks of fat remain.

In a small bowl mix together lemon juice/vinegar and egg. Add to the flour mixture and blend with a fork. If necessary, add cold water a tablespoon at a time until dough comes together. Careful not to add too much.

Lightly grease a 9-10-inch tart pan or pie plate (I used a 10-inch tart pan.) Place dough between two pieces of parchment paper or plastic wrap and roll into a circle a little larger than your pan.

Use the parchment paper to invert the crust into your pan. Press into the bottom and up the sides of the pan. Flip excess dough into the pan to double up the dough on the sides. This will reinforce the edge so that it holds together better when it's sliced. If using a tart pan, a flat bottomed glass or measuring cup helps to press the crust evenly into the bottom and sides of the pan.

Place finished crust into the fridge to chill while you prepare the filling.


Preheat oven to 350F. Place a large sauté pan over medium heat. When pan is hot, add onion and sauté until it begins to turn translucent. Add potato and continue to cook for 1-2 minutes. Add chopped & whole asparagus, greens, and garlic. Season with salt and pepper. Cook mixture just until the greens begin to wilt. Remove from heat.

Crack eggs into a large bowl and beat with a whisk. Stir in milk and season with salt and pepper. Set aside. (If you eat cheese, you can add it in with the eggs. See notes below for details)

Putting it Together:

Remove prepared crust from the fridge and place onto a baking sheet. Fill with sautéed veggies, reserving whole asparagus and a few potato slices to decorate the top.

Pour egg mixture over veggies. If you used a smaller pie pan, you may not need it all. Decorate the top with reserved potatoes and asparagus.

Place baking sheet into the oven and bake for 40-50 minutes, until center is just set. Allow the quiche to cool completely before removing it from the tart pan. Serves 8–10.

If making ahead of time, place the cooled and covered quiche into the refrigerator overnight and right before serving place the covered quiche into a 300F oven for 15-20 minutes, just until heated.

Serve warm or at room temperature.


*Can replace some of the veggies with chopped turkey, ham, bacon, etc. **If not dairy-free, you can add ½ cup of your favorite cheese like gruyere, swiss, cheddar, etc.

Vegan Irish Cabbage Soup

Prep Time

20 mins

Cook Time

50 mins

Total Time

1 hr 10 mins

6 Servings


2 tsp extra-virgin olive oil or 3 tbsp vegetable broth if you don’t cook with oil

2 ½ cups onion diced

1 cup celery chopped

2 cups carrots sliced into thin coins

2 garlic cloves minced

3 cups potatoes diced

2 ½ cups tomatoes chopped

5 cups green cabbage chopped

3 cups kale chopped (we used lacinato, aka dinosaur, kale)

32 oz vegetable broth

2 cups water

1 tbsp apple cider vinegar

2 tsp dried sage

1 tsp ground caraway seeds

Salt and pepper to taste


Heat a large soup pot on medium-high heat. When the pan is hot, add the olive oil or broth, then add the onions. Stir and cook for approximately 3 minutes, or until they begin to turn translucent and sweat.

Add the celery and carrots and stir well. Cook for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add the garlic and stir. Cook for 3 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Add the broth and water, then add the potatoes and tomatoes and bring to a boil. Once the broth is boiling, reduce the heat to simmer and cook for 20 minutes.

Stir in apple cider vinegar, spices, and salt and pepper, then stir in the cabbage and kale and cook for another 15 minutes, or until the potatoes are fork tender.

Healing Cabbage, Potato, Carrot, & Tomato Curry Stew


1 small cabbage head, chopped into 1 inch pieces (Note you might want to shred cabbage so it is easier to chew)

4 small carrots

1 large can of diced tomatoes

3 cups vegetable broth

1 yellow squash, chopped into 1 inch pieces

7-8 new potatoes, chopped into 1 inch pieces

1/2 small onion, chopped

3/4-1 tsp sea salt (or less, start slow and taste test first)

Freshly ground black pepper

1-2 tbsp Arvinda’s Curry Masala (depending on how hot you like it) or other quality curry

1/2 tsp Herbamare spice (optional)

Parsley, to garnish

Directions: Wash and chop all vegetables. Throw into extra-large pot good for making soup and stew. In a large bowl, add the sauce ingredients diced tomatoes, vegetable broth, sea salt, pepper, herbamare, curry powder. Mix well. Add the sauce to the pot and stir well. Cover and cook on medium for about 45 minutes and then cook on low for another hour or until potatoes and cabbage are tender. Enjoy hot, cold, or at room temperature! Makes about 10-12 cups worth.

Dairy-Free Banana-Pear Ice Cream

This dairy-free dessert will delight even the most sensitive of stomachs.

4 very ripe frozen bananas 1 ripe Bartlett pear, peeled and cored 1/2 tsp fresh ginger, grated 1/2 tsp cinnamon seeds from one vanilla-bean pod or 1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract 2 tbsp yacon syrup (available at health-food stores) 2 tsp cocoa powder

Blend all ingredients in blender until smooth.

Transfer to container and store in freezer until ready to serve.

For chocolate drizzle, whisk yacon syrup and cocoa powder together until well combined, then drizzle on top of ice cream.

Meal 3

Carrot and Tomato Linguine



8 ounces carrots

1 shallot

7 ounces roma tomatoes


1 tablespoon pine nuts

3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil


1/2 teaspoon dried oregano

1⁄4 teaspoon red chile flakes

1/4 cup dry white wine or water

1/2 tablespoon balsamic vinegar

1 package cooked cannellini beans

3 ounces whole wheat linguine

4 ounces kale

Fresh chives

Fresh basil

2 teaspoons capers

Bring a medium pot of water to a boil and salt it. Rinse the carrots; trim, peel, and chop the carrots and shallot. Rinse and core the tomatoes; chop them into small pieces. Trim, peel, and chop enough garlic to measure 1 teaspoon. Toast the pine nuts in a dry large skillet over medium heat, stirring often and watching them like a hawk, until they’re golden brown, 2 or 3 minutes. Transfer the nuts to a plate; set aside. Wipe out the pan.

Put 2 tablespoons oil in the same skillet over medium heat. When it’s hot, add the shallots and a pinch each of salt and pepper, and cook until the shallots start to soften, 2 or 3 minutes. Add the carrots, garlic, oregano, a pinch of the chile flakes, and another few pinches of salt. Turn the heat to medium-high and cook, stirring occasionally until the vegetables are lightly browned, 3 to 5 minutes.

Add the 1/4 cup white wine or water to the carrot mixture, stir, and cook until the liquid is nearly evaporated, about 30 seconds. Add the vinegar and tomatoes and stir. Cover the pan, turn the heat to medium-low, and cook until the carrots are tender, 10 to 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, drain and rinse the beans; set aside. Add the pasta to the pot of boiling water and stir occasionally. Start tasting it after 7 minutes; it should be tender but not mushy. When the pasta is done, drain it.